Galactic civilisations 3 how to use trade ships

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I have four ships all together. I would like to know how i can separate the ships.

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Well, once you have a license to trade, just create a freighter and manually send it to another factions colony. Trade is not fleshed out in this game, at all, its pretty simplistic. If you dont kow where all your neighbors colonies are, create your freighter and treat it like a sout ship till you find someone to trade with.

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galactic civilisations 3 how to use trade ships
Galactic Civilizations III. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews. Galactic Civilizations III > General Discussion > Topic Details. wilsonstone. Jan 16, 2018 @ 6:24pm Cant build transports? I cant build a transport even though I have the technology and legions. Its greyed out, but "legions" is in red text, even when …

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A popular feature of Galactic Civilizations 3 is designing fascinating ships and watch them battle other fleets. The ship design isn’t just superficial, it is just a matter of putting the most powerful weapons and defenses on a given vessel. Victory will go to you if you look at the types of weapons carefully and defenses your opponents while they are designing ships and thinking …

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Once the trade ship reaches the destination planet, the trade route will be established (represented by a faint trail on the main map and a tiny trade ship traveling on it 1 square per game turn), and both civilizations will start receiving the same base amount of trade income. The base income returned each turn by the route is about proportional to the time the trade ship is …

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galactic civilisations 3 how to use trade ships
Planetary invasion is the military method of capturing a planet. In order to execute a planetary invasion, a troop transport is required. A troop transport is a ship that has troops modules. To initiate the invasion, move the troop transport onto the planet. No invasion can take place if there are any enemy ships in orbit.

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galactic civilisations 3 how to use trade ships
Freighters are required to establish a trade route from one colony to another; after moving a freighter onto a foreign colony, a route will be established between that colony and the planet where the freighter was built. A smaller version of the freighter runs goods along a trade route after it is established, and can be attacked by enemies like any other ship. Destroying many …

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Select any fleet on the tile. Press the MANAGE button in the lower left fleet detail panel. Press DISBAND to split a fleet into separate ships. Use SHIFT-click to select some ships from the list.

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galactic civilisations 3 how to use trade ships
A good stategy using this concept is to have fleets made of at least 3 large ships, each heavily armored. Two of the ships will have heavy weaponry, and the third will be heavy on scanners. If you have the logistics for more than 3 large ships, have the core battle cruisers use a combination of beams and railguns, and then include a missile cruiser.

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