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WTO | dispute settlement - DS512: Russia — Measures
Ukraine General License Number 15J - Authorizing Certain Activities Involving GAZ Group (December 23, 2020) Archive of Expired General Licenses; Legal Framework for the Ukraine\Russia-related Sanctions. The Ukraine\Russia-related sanctions program represents the …
Ukraine (UKR) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners | OEC russia ukraine trade
Russia under Ukraine’s favourable trade access regime. Paradoxically, although Russia would welcome greater access to Ukrainian goods as a result of a closer eco-nomic and geopolitical Eurasian alliance in its favour, it would not if Ukraine moves to-wards a free trade deal with the EU. In these times of ten-sion, Ukraine is not in a
Russia hits Ukraine with trade sanctions over EU deal
Trade wars Moscow-Kiev relations have been on edge as Ukraine moves closer to EU membership, and tries to shed its dependence on Russia. Trade relations, as a result, have brinked on ‘trade’ wars, from gas tiffs to a ban on an iconic Ukrainian chocolate. Alexey Portansky, professor at the Russian Higher School of Economics says the situation would be much more serious than the ban on
Russia and Ukraine trade prisoners, each fly 35 to freedom russia ukraine trade
In the ten months of 2018, Ukrainian exports to Russia dropped 7.1%, to $3.03 billion while imports from Russia continued growing, by 20.1%, to $6.629 billion. As a result, the trade deficit with Russia widened by 1.6 times in the ten months of 2018 year-on-year, to $3.599 billion.
Trade ‘suicide’: Russia prepares to tighten borders if
Exports: The top exports of Ukraine are Seed Oils ($4.12B), Semi-Finished Iron ($4.01B), Corn ($3.51B), Wheat ($3.1B), and Iron Ore ($2.89B), exporting mostly to Russia ($4.22B), Poland ($3.2B), Italy ($2.72B), Egypt ($2.53B), and Germany ($2.41B). In 2018, Ukraine was the worlds biggest exporter of Seed Oils ($4.12B)
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Ukraines trade gap narrowed to USD 412.2 million in November of 2020 from USD 1329.1 million in the corresponding month of the previous year. Balance of Trade in Ukraine averaged -539.78 USD Million from 2001 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 688 USD Million in April of 2004 and a record low of -2364.90 USD Million in April of 2008.
Ukraine: trade reorientation from Russia to the EU | Bruegel
Ukraine claimed that these transit measures are inconsistent with Russias obligations under Article V (freedom of transit), Article X (publication and administration of trade regulations) and with related commitments in Russias Accession Protocol (para. 7.2).

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