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Trade is a feature which lets players sell their crops, animal goods and products in exchange for game currencies, and use game currencies to buy items from the game or from other players. There are several trading places in the game, each unlocked at a specific experience level. Main article: Shop The shop (also called the market) is where players can buy fields, animals and their shelters

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About Us Wiki Trade Co., Ltd. is the authorized distributor of YORK - Air Conditioning in Cambodia. Further, we are also the manufacturer of Khmer Rock - outdoor ceramic tiles and concrete wall panel.

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Trading resources is common ingame. You can conduct trades directly ingame with ally members or other players you trust but you can also publicly advertise resources and what you want in exchange at the Trade Forums or OMarket 1 Trade Ratios 2 Rules 3 Tool 4 See Also People are required to trade using a ratio between 3:2:1 and 2:1:1 (metal: crystal: deut). A 3:2:1 ratio means 1 unit of deut is

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"E-Trade Baby" advertising campaign (2008-2014) E-Trade Baby was an integrated advertising campaign that featured a baby that talked about finance. The goal was to make the audience believe that E-Trade was easy to use. The campaign, which appeared online, on television, and in print, was created by Tor Myhren, then of Grey Global Group.

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Trade is a skill available to players and NPCs. Ranks in this skill reduce the difference in price between what you can purchase goods for and what you can sell goods for by 5% per rank. As a party skill, if your character has 10 ranks in Trade, you can have a maximum effective skill level of 14, worth a 70% reduction in the trade penalty. In any given settlement, there will be the base value

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1 Prerequisites 2 Tradables 3 Limitations 4 Matchmaking 4.1 In-Game Trade Chat 4.1.1 Terminology 4.2 Maroos Bazaar 4.3 Trading Boards 5 Process 5.1 Confirmation 6 Personal Trading/Chat History 6.1 Accessing History 7 Troubleshooting 8 Trade Ban 9 Tips 10 References 11 External Links 12 Patch

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The trade center is a page dedicated to player trades. Make sure you read the rules below before you make any trade requests. Violations of any of the rules may result on a ban from this page or a ban from the entire wiki.

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