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Strongs Greek: 1218. δῆμος (démos) -- a district or

demos greek Dēmos is a publication of The Stoa: a Consortium for Scholarly Publication in the Humanities, and has greatly benefited from the infrastructure, expertise, and friendship of that institution and everyone involved with it, especially Anne Mahoney and Ross Scaife.Dēmos would not exist without The Perseus Project and its editor-in-chief, Gregory Crane.

Deimos - Greek Mythology

Deimos was a god in Greek mythology, personification of terror (his name meant "dread"). He was the son of gods Ares and Aphrodite, and had a twin bro

Dimos | Greek name dimos

In the real-time strategy game Age of Mythology, players who worship Ares can obtain "Deimoss Sword of Dread", which strengthens Greek swordsmen. In Guild Wars 2, the last boss of the Bastion of the Penitent raid wing, accessible with Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, is named Deimos.

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Ancient Greek Democracy - HISTORY

Deme, Greek Dēmos, in ancient Greece, country district or village, as distinct from a polis, or city-state. Dēmos also meant the common people (like the Latin plebs).In Cleisthenes’ democratic reform at Athens (508/507 bc), the demes of Attica (the area around Athens) were given status in local and state administration. Males 18 years of age were registered in their local demes, …

Deimos (deity) - Wikipedia

1218 dḗmos (from 1210 /déō, "to bind, tie") – people bound (tied) together by similar laws or customs (like citizens in an ancient Greek city forming an assembly, cf. 1577 /ekklēsía).. In the NT, 1218 (dḗmos) refers to people unified in conviction and showing it in public opinion, i.e. their "collective persuasion." [1218 (dḗmos) is the root of the English word, "democracy."

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Dimos or Demos is a male Greek name which comes from the ancient years.. Dimos in ancient Greek means “people”; this is why we are talking about “democracy”and in modern Greek it also means “municipality”.. Sound of name Dimos: Dee-mos Female Version of name Dimos: N/A Nameday of Dimos: April 10th Origin of name Dimos. Dimos was a very beautiful man who …

Dēmos: Classical Athenian Democracy

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